What is Industrial Hackathon?

Industrial Hackathon is an event where coders, the business savvy, designers, engineers, planners, project managers and others with similar skills and interests partake in an intensive product or service development competition.

The goal may be any of the arranging company’s problems which requires new innovative solutions. For example the competitors may solve issues in product development, production processes, logistics or marketing and marketing materials.


The competition usually lasts for 24 hours during which the teams are presented with the challenges for which each team choses one they wish to tackle. A

fter the Hackathon the teams present their solutions after which the jury will gather to review the work. The winner is determined by the results, presentation and the level of “hackness” of the solution. The winning team or teams will be rewarded with prizes set by the arranging parties.

Hackathon team


Heikki Isotalus

Mastermind, organizing and project management


Timo Silonsaari

Marketing, visuals, websites etc.


Ville Venäläinen

Guru of code all things technical 


Tarja Pönniö-Kanerva

Organizing, marekting, cooperations


Aleksandar Ivanov

Coding and tech wizard